Artist Shantell Martin Visits Bentley

The Bentley community was pleased to enjoy a visit from artist Shantell Martin, who led our K-5 classes and select Middle School groups in an engaging presentation and class visits.
Martin talked about her work, including how she uses drawing to discover more about who she is.  During her presentation, she drew on stage, creating her drawing in front of the rapt audience of young Bentley students. Teacher Rebecca Wolski shared, “Her presentation was dynamic and alive. Watching her draw in front of the students was very exciting.”
Students also asked excellent questions about her process. Just a few were: “Why do the eyes look left and right?" "How do you keep moving so much when you draw?" and perhaps most charmingly, "Do you have permission to draw?" 

Following the assembly, Martin joined third grade, fourth grade, and Middle School art classes to share the 3D "drawing devices" she is prototyping as a part of her current artist residency at AutoDesk at Pier 9 in San Francisco. These devices employ extensions in order to hold multiple pens at once. Students were invited to make their own prototypes using wood and tape, then worked both collaboratively and independently on black and white drawings. Martin also challenged students to draw with their non-dominant hand, with their eyes closed, and to make as many "mistakes" as possible in order to free up their creative power. 
The students’ works will be on display in the Hiller Library throughout the next few weeks.