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Here you’ll find an overview of the tests students will take, college policies, and information about registration, general scheduling, and test preparation. Testing requirements may vary from college to college, so it’s important to review specific campus requirements and recommendations. Excellent, updated information is readily available at and SAT exams are administered starting in October and ending in June.

The Types of Standardized Tests

SAT Reasoning Test: 
The test has three sub-scores for a total of 2400 points. The three sections are Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. The College Board site offers more information on the reasoning tests.
Students may register for their SAT exams online at or via the paper registration forms available in the College Counseling Office.

Also, the College Board provides a very limited number of fee waivers for students with extreme financial need. Please contact the college counselors if you would like to request a waiver, which must be done well in advance of the registration deadline.

SAT Preparation Booklet
, available in the College Counseling Office and online, includes test-taking tips and a sample exam. Students should review it carefully. Register for the SAT is another useful booklet available in the College Counseling Office. also offers detailed information about registering and taking the tests, including sample questions, test-taking tips, and many other features.
SAT Subject Tests: These are tests covering specific subject areas, such as United States World History, Spanish or Physics. SAT Subject Tests measure more closely a student's knowledge of a particular subject material. Ideally, a student takes an SAT Subject Test just after completing the relevant course of study (or in some cases, while enrolled in the most advanced level of the subject), when the material is fresh. Read more about SAT Subject tests

The booklet, Taking the SAT Subject Tests is available in the College Counseling Office and provides sample questions.

ACT: The American College Test is accepted by most colleges and universities as an alternative to the SAT Reasoning Test. The ACT is composed of tests that measure academic achievement in major curricular areas: English, math, reading, and science. The best way to determine whether a student wants to take the ACT is to check for its online resources. (Registration and preparation booklets are available in the College Counseling Office.) 

Testing Pattern Recommended by Bentley

We recommend that Bentley students sit for one SAT Reasoning Test, one set of SAT Subject Tests, and one ACT (after consulting with the college counselor) in the spring of the junior year. Some then retake the exam once early in the senior year. As for the Subject Tests, because no college or university requires more than three, a student can choose which tests to take. Students should consult with teachers and counselors and review sample tests in order to select the subject tests most appropriate to their intended fields of study and on which they are likely to score the highest. Practice materials are available online, in the College Counseling Office and in academic department offices. 

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